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What do we offer in our service?

  • Comprehensive service
  • Maintenance
  • Minor reparations
  • Damage
  • Acquisition and fitting of spare parts
  • Other reparations, examination

Quick and professional services for a competitive price!

The comprehensive guarantee and service provision of the forklifts distributed by Triplex Targo Kft. is ensured by MSS Targo Kft. on our joint premises. MSS Targo Kft. ensures comprehensive service provision to its customers.

The primary task of MSS Targo Kft. is the servicing of the forklifts distributed by Triplex Targo Kft. within and beyond the guarantee.

Their trained fitters ensure the safe operation for almost any kind of forklift all over the country, in 24 hours of the day, if necessary.

Providing the spare parts necessary for distributed and serviced forklifts quickly and at a competitive price is a fundamental expectation towards our company.

Due to our factory contacts and the excellent relationship with our suppliers, we are able to guarantee rapid and professional services. Our fitters have a professional experience of at least 10-15 years, but we also place a high emphasis on their further professional training. Currently five completely equipped service cars in Budapest and three subcontractors on the countryside are available for our customers.

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